Friday 23 August 2019


 Before I go into the title of this post, I feel I should fill you in on the blog!
Incase you missed it on Instagram, I recently had a baby boy, surpriseeeee! He's now three months old and I want to share with you the skincare brand that has my three month, postpartum skin looking healthy and just all round flawless.

Cue Priori skincare...

I was invited to preview Priori's (pronounced Pree-ori) much anticipated product, the 'Triple Tumeric Complex Skincare Range' (TTC). This was held at the exquisite Sanderson Hotel in London a few months back, when I was all bump! We demo'd all the products during breakfast and that's when I knew, the Priori team have really taken their time to think out of the box when it came to their skincare range.

Here's the skinny on the lovely morning I had...

Priori's ethos:

Priori Skincare products are formulated to read your skin, decoding its need for replenishment hydration, protection and recovery. The products then respond with actives and delivery systems to meet your skin's needs; adaptive skincare.

Priori showcased their highly potent range made with antioxidant blend of three Turmeric actives, including Green tea, Grape-seed and Liquorice. This helps to reduce pigmentation, redness and keep the skin feeling hydrated and moisturised.

Imagine my excitement to discover that their products are safe for expecting mothers, (I gave away loads of skincare products because they were not safe back then during my pregnancy) as I was very conscious about this.

The guys at Priori assured me it was fine for all the pregnant mamas. Not only are they cruelty-free, they are fragrance free and no harsh chemicals. It really is an all round natural choice for your skin!
I was determined to try it all.

Absolutely no nasties in their products

As I mentioned earlier, I got to play with the new TTC line and at the end of the event, we left with a generous goodie bag of the range. I decided to devotedly use the products for some months during my pregnancy and postpartum (after pregnancy).

Here's how my experience went!

Priori Naturally Enriched Cleanser TTC fx310, 180ml

A wonderfully, lightly scented cleanser that I use day and night. It has a gel-like texture and I use two pumps (it’s all you need) of the cleanser into the palm of my hands and massage it on to my face for 30 seconds, in circular motion and then rinse off! It’s my favourite to use before bed, it melts away my makeup instantly without stripping my skin. One wash of this and my complexion is brighter, revived and smooth like my baby’s boy bottom. It contains all natural ingredients, it’s cruelty free, which I personally love and not to mention, the scent of this is mildly there.

Recovery Serum DNA fx221, 50ml

Three words to describe this product: Hydration, hydration, hydration!
This serum is a delightful skin refresher that you apply underneath your moisturiser. I apply two pumps of this and lightly tap (not rub) the water-based serum onto my face and neck (don't neglect your neck) and I then go on to use my moisturiser. My skin looks i've drank a whole jug of water, that's how refreshed I look once I use this. Not only does it contain active ingredients, it delivers actual DNA enzymes and Vitamins C and E to your skin. When I was pregnant, I started to see dark lines on my neck, but once I applied this to my neck area, it faded away.
Considering that I love this product so much, it is costly. However, it does clearly work for those with skin concerns.

Tightening Eye Serum TTC fx330, 15ml

I’m a big advocate for prevention when it comes to skincare and eye creams are one of those products I take very seriously! If you don’t use an eye cream, you better start now.
Alright, I’m done telling you what to do, but seriously, it’s a beauty staple that should be in your kit. You know how it goes, those sleepless nights being a new mother, the tightening eye serum has saved me from looking fatigued. I do have pesky dark eye shadows and since I started using the serum day/night, this has definitely lessened the appearance of the darkness. I like to pop the eye serum in the fridge and the cooling sensation helps de-puff my eye area and it feels so marvellous. It has a light, gel based texture, again, with a mild scent and a pump, so no product wastage. I just wish the product was a little bit bigger than 15ml. I needs more!
Nevertheless, I will splash out on this stuff once it’s finished.

Illumination Treatment TTC fx320, 30ml

I call this radiance in a bottle and I don't know anyone who doesn't want that result!
For me, I like to use this when I need a skin pick me up. I don't have the time like I used to, so I love this on no makeup days when I need put the baby in the pram and get out! I pump one or two of this into my hand and apply on areas of my face where I know the light will hit, like my cheekbones, forehead and nose bridge and I go about my day. My skin looks luminous, it's so good my partner keeps nicking it. The benefits of this illumination treatment is that it adapts to your skin condition to brighten and illuminate dull, discoloured skin, resulting in a radiant complexion. I receive lots of compliments on my skin from strangers on the street to receptionists at the baby clinic.
I can attest that my skin loves this stuff and this product can do no wrong.

Luxuriant Crème TTC fx341, 50ml

They call this the '24 hour nourishing cream' and I use this mostly in the morning, but will do more nights, as it helps repair your skin, protects your skin from changing environments and helps in reducing inflammation. Two pumps of this and I instantly noticed how ultra-smooth and firm my skin was. I feel this locks all the moisture in without being too greasy, instead I am gleaming. It gives me 'your skin but better'! I appreciate that all the products have pumps, so I can get every use out of it. I must say, I am impressed with this cream and I don't know what I'll do once its finished.

What will you like to try from the range?

For more information please head to their website

Thank you for reading.

Bernie x


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