Sunday 14 August 2016


Hey guys! I was kindly invited to the Innocent ‘Always Chilled’ summer press event last week. This was to celebrate a stress-free summer of the Innocent coconut water, as it is their second year launch of the refreshing drink! Now, if you are not too familiar with the Innocent brand, they make natural, healthy drinks, packed with delicious ingredients.

The event was held at the very trendy Fruit Towers in Ladbroke Grove and it was literally the most impressive HQ I’ve ever been to.
It's just office #goals!

The talk of the evening was with Happiness Consultant, Samantha Clarke. She shared inspiring tips and techniques on how to keep your cool in dilemmas you may face in your everyday life. This was very exhilarating to hear and did put things into perspective on how you can be better in situations.

The main points from Samantha’s talk I noted:
·      Educate yourself on your emotional wealth
·      Think about what are your reasons before you lash out on someone
·      Be authentic with your needs and your wants
·      Be more fulfilled
·      Be innovative, don’t stagnate

Just before the end of the event, we were handed a boxed goodie bag filled with more coconut water (I couldn’t get enough of the coco that day) and a slogan tee!
Overall, I had such a lovely time and turned out to be very helpful.
Kudos to Innocent!

Innocent are stocked in majority of food stores in the UK and parts of Europe, so try them out if you haven’t done so.

Hope you liked!

Bernie xx

Monday 1 August 2016


Hey guys! This is my first restaurant review I did whilst I was in Thailand, Bangkok earlier this year. If you happen to be heading to the city soon (hey, what are the odds!). I'm here to let you know that this is not your boring, regular, healthy eating joint!

Cue Dressed.

The 4th newest branch found in the Exchange Tower, minutes away from Asok BTS. Is a great location for daily commuters, expats and tourists in the area who are in need of a health kick!

Finding health conscious spots are a dime a dozen these days, especially in Thailand.
With all the amazing street food here, you can get lost in what is really and truly beneficial for you. With what seem to be a gap in the market for healthy eating, Dressed has been able to deliver locally organic sourced ingredients for you to relish.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was the instant focus. Surrounded by light and neutral tones from the d├ęcor, it creates a cosy, warm feel added with snuggly cushions. It's sure to make your hearty dining experience, a comfortable one.

What sets this branch apart from the others, is the new and introduced dishes which includes:

High Energy Salad, Penne Sun dried Tomato with Spinach, Carolina BBQ Chicken Panini, Curry Easter Egg Salad Sandwich and smoothies, such as Green Super Food Smoothies for Natural High Energy and so forth.

Indecisive? Believe me, there are lots of options on the menu from salads, wraps, paninis, pastas, sandwiches and soups. I don’t know about you, but for me, I go into ultimate ‘hard-to-choose’ mode when it comes to a lot of options. If this is you, then you would love the ‘create your own’ option, of the salad, pasta, wraps and smoothies, made to your taste. Your creation of salads, simply starting from, 89 baht, wraps from 99 baht and your pasta from 119 baht.  

If you are quite the smoothie lover, the new Berry Slim, a part of the green superfoods smoothies, is loaded with nutritious, natural high energy of goodness. Ingredients containing yogurt, mixed oak, mint, mixed berries, almonds, quinoa and honey is sure to have your health pulses yearning for more.

The quinoa in the smoothie, sourced from Radiance whole foods, may just be a winner for me, because of the blend of quinoa and its nice, creamy texture. A one of a kind. 
I wouldn’t recommend before or whilst eating, as it’s thick consistency is almost like a meal itself!

For all the gym nuts out there, you can add a spoonful of protein powder to your shakes, so you don’t have to. Starting from the price of 20 baht. This makes stepping out the gym and getting your protein smoothie on the go so much easier. Let’s not forget about the hot beverages such as organic coffee being served, in case you’re not the smoothie type.

Let’s get to the mains!

 Starting with the standout dish, (and must try) has to be The Seared Tuna. Packed with goodness of mesclun mix, grilled asparagus, red pepper, carrot, white mushroom, tomato fried caper and chipotle vinaigrette. This has to be one of the best presented salads I have come across, it looked just as good as it tasted. The peppered tuna gives you a hint of spice, so if you like your buds tingling, this will serve you up well.

If you prefer your salad’s a bit less busy then I would recommend The Smoked Salmon, it’s got your tomatoes, your onions and it is really refreshing, topped with a dusting of fresh salmon, draped over your greens.

 The very impressive Spaghetti Ruccolo with Prawns is a light contentment meal and not so heavy, as you may sometimes get when you eat spaghetti. A nice size portion, added with king prawns and  delicious sun dried tomatoes. Great if you are not super hungry, but still want a hearty meal.

 However, there are awesome selections of fresh soups made daily if that's more up your street. The Pumpkin Soup for instance, a delightful taste of a sweet and succulent flavour. 
You simply can’t go wrong with pumpkin!

Last and certainly not least, the finisher (or the starter if you prefer), is the heavenly Dulche de leche crepe rolls. This flavourful goodness gives you a choice of three crepes to choose from. I tried the milk chocolate one and let’s just say, the words, supple, warm and memorable come to mind when you get a taste of this. The thin crepe makes this desert the ultimate indulgence.
 No guilty feeling over here.

For my Thailand peeps, you can bring Dressed to your home by ordering from Chefs XP, Food by Phone and Food Panda. 

You can find the new Dressed branch at:
Exchange Tower Building (Asok Intersection).
Opened daily from 9am to 9pm

Visit online:

Hope you enjoyed my review

Bernie xx