Monday 11 February 2019


Last week I ventured into West London to celebrate the opening of the newest beauty studio to hit the block, Young LDN. I was pleased to be invited down to their cosy, little retreat.

...a luxury skincare and beauty destination that champions youth and inspires the confidence to disrupt the world. Offers a wide range of bespoke beauty and skincare treatments in a unique and intimate our minds, there is no definition of young. If you're reading this thinking; I'm too old for this place, we'd beg to differ! 
(Sounds like heaven on earth)!

 Upon entering, I was given a tour of the establishment and I was left amazed! My first impressions of Young LDN's studio is the decor had an all round metropolitan vibe to it. With the Young LDN logo emblazoned on parts of the wall and vibrant colours splattered on every angle of the salon, not forgetting the big velvet chairs you can get lost in whilst getting yourself a pedicure. You forget that London is in the thick of winter with dull, freezing temperature because of the liveliness and colourful spirit, the studio has. It's a feeling we all need to have! (So, when do I move in? Hehe)!
Their treatment rooms all have different themes to it. This one in particular has an illustrated map of Notting Hill on the wall (if I remember correctly). 
Lights, action, Hollywood!
Feel like a celebrity, as you can get a Party Makeover!

Now let's get onto my facial! I received one of their signature treatments, The glowing facial peel at their skin rejuvenation bar done by the lovely Gina!

What is a glowing facial peel you ask?

In a nutshell, it is a deep exfoliant (without the traditional beads) that get rid of dead skin cells to reveal brighter, younger looking skin. With the peel, you may have a reaction when you use it at first, so please be sure to find the right peel for you by having a consultation with a dermatologist or an aesthetician first, if you're interested. There are facial peels that are tailored to all different skin types. 

The Chemical Exfoliant from Glo skincare doing its work

My verdict on my experience: 

I've been incorporating at-home chemical peels into my daily routine for about a year now and it's such an easy way to give your skin a healthy, glowing, pick-me-up! Having a chemical peel done professionally, the products that were used on me contained ingredients naturally derived with fruit enzymes like Hibiscus flower, Pumpkin and Ficin. Which means the effects of the peel are a lot more deeper, and it sure is DEEP! At one point I felt my skin was about burn into smithereens because of the burning sensation (sounds scary right?) It did pack a punch compared to my at-home peels. But I promise you, it lasted a few seconds and with a good massage into the skin, the burning sensation tends to simmer down and gently removes superficial dead skin cells. Of course you are left with glowing, baby skin and smelling like fresh roses. I enjoyed my treatment and would definitely be recommending to family and friends. Treat this as a preventative treatment to wrinkles and dull looking skin. Don’t we want glowing skin all year round? It’s so therapeutic and lots of you on my Instagram enjoyed the steps it took to get that GLOWING fix! So here’s to feeling good! 

The beauty studio offer skincare treatments, manicures, pedicures, laser hair removal and many more...Oh not to mention, expecting mothers like myself you are safe here! Thank you Young LDN for a relaxing and rejuvenating day.

Have you had a facial peel before? If so, tell me how it went? 

I'll be putting up a mini vlog of my day at the Young LDN studio this week. For more information, please head to their website

Bernie xx

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