Tuesday 29 December 2020


Now, I am not one to run out and buy a celebrity product. The only time you will see a celebrity product on my shelf is when it’s gifted to me for Christmas by an aunt, who assumes I am a fan of that celeb. I don’t normally endorse them myself, as I am quite sceptical.

 However, I was drawn to Rihanna’s skincare line, reason being: Psst…it’s Rihanna! Duh?

No, but seriously, I realised whilst doing my research. This was not your typical:

“put my name across a product and just sell it” type of thing, which you tend to notice with some celebrity beauty ranges. Being the skin enthusiast I am, I researched the ingredients in Fenty Skin, I looked at promos on Instagram and Rihanna herself demoing her brand on YouTube. It all looked engaging and you can tell that Rihanna really thought this through, in terms of what she requires for her range. Also, you can’t deny, Ms Fenty has impeccable skin. I had to be involved and add her 3 step skincare into my regime. 

So, I devotedly used Fenty skin for a month! Here’s how my experience went:

Total Cleans’r Remove – It – All Cleanser

We know a cleanser is the foundation of our routine, so it has to be good! The Total Cleans’r ticks all the boxes for me. It’s an all-rounder that’s great for AM and PM use. This leaves my skin thoroughly cleaned, without a dry feeling afterwards and not to mention, an instant, brightened look once rinsed. Its wonderful scent reminds me of the tropics.

 “Smells like cherries and coconuts” Rihanna says. 


It is fragranced, but softly scented that gives a relaxing essence into your routine. I love how this cleanser leaves my skin softer, supple and smelling so good. The texture of the cleanser is a creamy to foam. I feel that allows me to have control of how much product I need to use, which is great. A little goes a long way for this cleanser, once lathered, it sparingly goes all over the face. You only need a coined sized amount of cleanser into the palm of your hand and that’s it. With nourishing ingredients such as Ginkgo biloba, normally used in ancient Chinese healing techniques; it helps control and purify the skin.


Pros: The satisfying ‘clicking’ sound you hear when you open and close the cleanser. I know it’s weird, but I like it. 

Cleanser is very gentle (great to be used as a double cleansing method) and removes makeup well. Smells great!


Cons: A possible con I would say is, there’s always excess cleanser left on the cap once closed, that can be quite messy. 

Hard to squeeze out the product (not sure if it’s just me?). 

Can be harsh on sensitive skin.


Verdict: 4/5 

Fat Water Pore - Refining Toner Serum

I’m all for a product that tackles all your skin concerns and this one takes certainly takes the cake! I call this hydration + dew in a bottle! Why so? Well, the Fat Water (love the name) is not just your regular toner/serum. I mean, who needs a separate toner and serum, when you can have them both in a bottle? Yes, this makes my routine a lot more simpler, so good looking out for that one Rih Rih! 

The Fat Water is a loose gel-like texture and I lightly tap this on to my  clean skin after I’ve cleansed. It’s very soothing & with ingredients like Niacinamide, (an ingredient I had been longing to try). It helps reduce hyperpigmentation & strengthens our skin barrier (take that maskne)! I was eager to experience all the benefits like acerola, which is a Barbados cherry that brightens your skin and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed when I used it. There’s no stinging feeling, it’s not sticky, it's gentle and my skin looks quenched! Not only does it smell amazing, it's brighter, moisturised & healthy looking. I always look forward to using this in my routine. 

Pros: Gentle. Extremely convenient to use anywhere. Twist cap is great! The scent is superb.


Cons: Not suitable for sensitive skin, as it contains witch hazel (I love it for me, so it’s all personal preference really).

 Again, the packaging makes it hard to squeeze out the product.


Verdict: 5/5

Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

Last but certainly not least is the Hydra Vizor & it’s the final step(s) to Fenty Skin and after all the above efforts, the Hydra Vizor bonds everything together and protects you from harmful UV/UVA rays (sun), air pollution and all the muck that comes with damaging your skin that we don’t see. I make sure to wear SPF every day because of this & Rihanna made it so simple for us to stick to that!

Like she said,
 ‘don’t skip it, there’s no excuses’. 

I’m glad it doesn’t leave a white cast & gives a stunning, plumping, afterglow on my skin once applied. 
To receive full protection of the Hydra Vizor, I use three pumps of this & you are met with the benefits of hyaluronic acid for hydration, niacinamide, wild watermelon and Baobab, a superfruit which helps everlasting hydration. By the end of the day, my skin is still radiant. I can’t fault this product enough. 
Now that it’s finished, I’m due a refill. Oh, if you didn’t know the Hydra Vizor is refillable. The packaging splits into two, ready to give to Fenty for your refill. 
Rihanna is miles ahead with this one.

Pros: Only refillable product. A pump application to distribute the cream = no product wastage.

Will not clog pores. No flashback.

 Cons: The scent is striking on this. (I’m now used to it, but in the beginning it was too much).

Verdict: 4/5


Overall verdict: I’m a fan! A no fuss routine that gives my skin all the benefits in 3 easy steps! It’s busy mum approved, as I don’t have all the time in the world. I apply and go about my day. I ordered Fenty Skin from the United States, as it was not available in the UK at the time. Now, you lovely lots won’t have to do that because Fenty Skin has revealed they would now be retailing at Harvey Nichols & Boots on the 26th December.


So be sure to expect more posts about this brand in the future. 


I hope you found this post useful.


For more information, please head to their website and socials.


Thank you for reading.


 x Bernie x

*This post contains affiliate links, but thoughts and opinions are solely my own. Thank you for purchasing through them*


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