Thursday 19 May 2016


Damn Bernie! Back at it again with another travel diary...
Yep, this time on the beautiful, picturesque island of Phuket. 
As promised, I wanted to share and take you guys on this journey with me, recapping on the amazing time I spent on Thailand's most popular island.

As you can tell, we spent most our time by the beach. I say we, as in with my best friend and her other half.  We did lots of swimming, reading, boat rides to other famous beaches and pretty much soaking it all up. It's a bliss getaway!

We travelled to Phuket during the high season (April), which means, the time of the year when temperatures are hitting 40-45 degrees! Little rain and oppressively hot weather. Enough to have tourists from all over swarming into the island. It can get really overcrowded during high season, so it's best you travel to less popular parts, if you want a little privacy. 
We managed to do that with a rental car and headed to Krabi, where we visited (hidden gems) places and beaches in Ao Nang, Railay beach etc. 

Taxis in Phuket are not cheap compared to Bangkok. I learnt the painful way by being ripped off 300 baht for a two minute car ride. (Still hurts thinking about it) So beware! 
However, cost of accommodation, dining out, drinks, are all relatively cheap. I would say a week is a good enough time to explore the area and relax!

Overall, I had a wonderful time in Thailand and I definitely need to come back, as there is so much more places to visit!

I think am ready for my next adventure...

Have you visited Thailand? Where did you go and what were your thoughts? 

Bernie xx

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  1. These shots are amazing! Thailand looks so beautiful and is still on my places to visit!

    Shannon //