Sunday 8 May 2016


Reminiscing about my trip to Thailand last month, I spent the first part of my holiday in the capital Bangkok! A city of exploring and adventures, you can certainly get yourself lost in.
Taking boat trips to places, such as Khao San road and stopping for fresh fruits and delicious street food by the sidewalk, it's enough to have you strolling for hours without even knowing it. (As long as I get my coconut water fix, I will stroll till the wheels fall off).

My favourite place has to be the astonishing Grand Palace. 
Thailand's most famous landmark that was previously the home of the Thai King for over 150 years. This place exudes happiness, serenity and calmness. Oh and the building, what a beauty. I could've easily moved in to one of the temples because of how gorgeous they were. 

If you are about the city life - that hustle and bustle? You will enjoy it here. 
Shopping here can either make you or break you! Coming from someone who was nearly diagnosed from a shopping addiction because everything was so darn cheap!
(Joking about the diagnosis people, but you get the drift). 

Anyway, I truly had an amazing time, visiting my best friend and learning about the culture.

Hope you like the photos!

I have plenty more snaps of Thailand in a upcoming post...stay tuned!

Bernie xx

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