Thursday 9 June 2016


Hello my loves! I thought I share with you this candy pink co-ordinate I purchased during my recent travel to Thailand.

From where you ask?

Well, I’m sure if you lived in Bangkok or visited, you would’ve heard of the infamous Platinum Fashion Mall. Think, shopping heaven! Located in Pratu Nam, it is one of the largest fashion wholesalers in Bangkok. Everything you can think of goes down in this mall, from clothes, boutiques, accessories, shoes, luggage, furniture, the list goes on…

Now let me just say, I’ve never been so overwhelmed in my LIFE! Aisles, after aisles, floor after floor. Every nook and cranny in this place is filled with ‘spending’. You can seriously get your retail fix here, (or maybe a therapist to tame your shopping addiction by the end of it).

Okay, back to my outfit. I fell in love with this two piece because firstly, I don’t have anything like this. Oh the colour, I had to go for the stand out rose pink.

 I feel you can wear this on any occasion. You can spruce it up in the office, added with a mod blazer, it exudes confidence. You can give off some stylish vibes to an upcoming summer wedding. Wear this ensemble to lunch with the girls or for that special date. It really is an all rounder, a wardrobe staple and I do love a good co-ord, especially for days when I can’t be fussed on trying to style one particular item!

Are you a fan of co-ords? 
Let me know what you think!

Bernie xx

Photography by Zipporah Gene


  1. Looks amazing, had to check out the meaning of co-ord......

  2. Cute outfit! That mall sound great...

    1. Girl, The Platinum Mall is like no other haha! Thanks for stopping by <3