Wednesday 9 March 2016


After a long 12-hour journey, I made it to Bangkok.
Here is me thinking I would be jet-lagged, bleary eyed and crying for my bed, but surprisingly, I adjusted pretty well.

First impression: humid as hell! 
It felt like I walked into an oven, but either way, it was great to be reunited with the bestie who was out there waiting for me.

If you know me, you know I love fruits – (the way to my heart). Mangos, pineapples and fresh coconut water were waiting for me at the door once I got in and I have to say England…this is where the real fruits are at! The coconut water especially, are so sweet. I kept asking Zipporah if there was any added sugar. That’s how tasty they were (currently craving some whilst typing this).

The following full day, Zipporah gave me a tour around her area and we then later stopped by to get something to eat at Mugendai. A delicious Japanese restaurant in the EmQuartier District.
Can I get a moment of silence for the chocolate cake desert? 
Let's just say, heaven in my mouth.

Zippy looking so choong!
After going make-up crazy in Sephora, we came home to rest for our outing later in the evening. 

More posts to be continued...

Bernie xx


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