Monday 29 February 2016


One of my mission’s this year is to travel a lot more, even if it is a mini break to another city. 
A getaway can be a good thing for feeding the soul and also for seeing what’s out there.

With that being said, in a little under a week, I will be off to Thailand! 

This trip has been a long time coming and I am so excited to finally be going to Asia. 

My best friend Zipporah, a Travel and Lifestyle writer lives in the heart of it all, in Bangkok and I can't wait to see her.

Think Thelma and Louise Reuniting shall we? – Because that’s what it’s going to be like really!

There will be tales of exploring, island hopping and sightseeing all in a future post, but
first, I thought I'd show you a few of my travel saviours i'll be packing for my journey.

Starting with the Skinlite Vital Nourishing Red Ginseng Mask
My mum bought me this, as I am a lover of sheet masks and this is a great face prep before take-off and during. Who cares if you get people giving you crazy side-eyes whilst wearing this!
Just know, no one wants worn out, moisture-sucking skin, which tends to happen when you fly. 
So I turn to sheet masks, as they are saturated with nourishing goodness that instantly hydrates and absorbs right into the skin.

The bad case of plane-hair.
When the ends of your hair is frizzy and stiff due to the dry cabin air and static from rubbing your hair against the headrest. The Organix Moroccan Penetrating Argan Oil saves the day for me as I like a to apply a small amount of oil into my palm and lightly run it through my hair. This leaves my hair tamed and lustrous leaving a light fresh scent.

I always pop a hand cream in my bag, no matter what and the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream helps care and treat your hands whatever your hands have been through. My lips do get dry and chapped when I am flying and no other product does is best like Carmex Lip Care.

The dreaded puffy eye I get on long-haul flights will now be a thing of the past once I use the Skinlite Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches. Easy to carry around, you simply take it out of the plastic film. Place it below your eyes and there you have it, it stays put. No bags in sight!

I can't leave without my Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes. They always come in handy for me when you need a quick freshen up in the bathroom during or after a flight. This revives me instantly.

What's even better is there will be no problems trying to fit these into those plastic clear bags you are given at the airport.

Aren’t mini’s amazing?!

What are your must-haves when you travel?

Bernie xx

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