Thursday 19 February 2015


I am missing Nigeria so much and sitting here reminiscing about the good times I had when I was out there is making me want to book that flight back tomorrow! One of my favourite moments for me was when I attended my Aunty's Traditional Family Introduction Ceremony.

It was such a beautiful experience, walking us through the traditional Yoruba way of how an introduction ceremony is.

The whole point of an introduction ceremony is so both families of the son and daughter can officially introduce themselves. It was an intimate affair with family and friends but felt like a mini wedding ceremony. I enjoyed the fact it was kept so traditional with the groom-to-be's family waiting outside till they are invited in, stating his intentions as to why he wants to marry their daughter. Oh, it was so romantic, it felt like a fairytale (cheesy moment).

The Bride

With the Bride and Groom 
What I was looking forward to the most at the ceremony is that I will be wearing a Gele for the first time. Yes, I am showing off my Gele. If you do not know what a Gele is, it means 'head wrap' in Yoruba. Gele's are usually made out of Aso-Oke material or with cotton and polyester material.

I felt like an African Queen *cues 2Face – African Queen*. Along with my lace outfit, this was the perfect occasion to wear it. I must say at the end of the night I could not wait to take it off. I was a trooper, I may be smiling in these pictures but I was in pain. My Gele was so tight, the front of my head had bumps when I finally took it off.

What can I say, beauty is pain right? 

Bernie xx

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