Saturday 31 January 2015


Happy Belated New Year! I know it’s a VERY late one as I have not updated in a while. Reason being, I was in Nigeria and I could not even log into my account and update. Ugh! It was so frustrating so I will be making up for it with my overload of posts I have coming up.

As you can tell by the title of this post, yup! That is what I am calling myself. I was in Lagos for a month and it flew by so quick! I had an amazing time. I ringed in the New Year with the whole family, packed with good food, nice weather and afrobeats.

Whilst being there I felt at one with Nigeria – well maybe not all at one. Mosquitos seemed to love me out there as I got bitten all over and covered in rash on my face – but hey I still managed to enjoy my holiday.

I had done so much, from sunning it up in Eleko beach, to visiting all my family and boy do I have a big family. I attended lots of weddings, parties ahh Nigerians sure know how to have a good time.

I also went to see more of my family in Kwara State, where my mother is from. Kwara is four hours away from Lagos and I must say it is really different. It's so calm, less congested, a great get away if you want a more quieter environment and the people seem more laid back. We was there for two-nights and stayed at the Bovina View International Hotel. We stayed in the presidential suite which was so lovely and a great size with modern d├ęcor, it was very accommodating.

The weather wasn't so hot as expected in Nigeria as it's the season of ‘Harmattan'. (sob) This means the temperature lowers becoming cooler and windy especially in December leading into January. Not
the typical heat experienced between the months of September – October.
Now that I am back home in the dreaded cold I really do miss Nigeria. *inserts crying face emoji*
Hope you liked my little breakdown of my trip to Nigeria, it was amazing and I will come back again. I have plenty more posts coming your way so don't click that X button. ;)

Bernie x

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  1. Oh wow! It looks like you had a lot of fun.
    I really can't wait to see more. Love the pics <3
    No wonder people were staring, you look flawless. Top to toe perfection (as always)!