Thursday 12 March 2015


What they saidWhen the elegance of woods meets the delicate femininity of a white-flowers bouquet and beats around the amber notes of a warm heart of musc.

(Wish I came up with this beautiful explanation of the Narciso Rodriguez perfume) :/ 
I am a sucker for perfumes and I thought I present to you my go to scent right now. I have used Narciso Rodriguez in the past, the Narciso Rodriguez, for her which comes in a black bottle and I absolutely love it! It was a gift I received and I always got the:
"What are you wearing, you smell nice".
compliments when I would wear it. I knew since then I had to repurchase it.

My heart had been set on the Narciso, For Her perfume. I previously owned it, but had a change of heart when I was recommended the new fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez, Narciso (I know, same name) Eau De Parfum.

Once I got a whiff of the scent I was hooked immediately. One word I would use to describe this scent is 'Confidence'. I say this because it gives me the ultimate boost when I put it on. I suddenly feel bold and striking with a dynamic kick! Narciso to me is a rich scent, blended beautifully with an essence of woody elements of odour left lingering for others to ravish in. It's perfect for any occasion and one or two sprays go a long way.

Check out the bottle guys, isn't it gaawjus. The signature look of Narciso bottles with it's simplistic, square shape and the word Narciso boldly written across. I Love it!
A quality perfume perfume with an inexpensive price.
A must have in your perfume collection. 

What perfumes have you been sniffing lately?

Bernie xx

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