Tuesday 23 December 2014


As some of you may or may not know I am of Nigerian descent. It has been nearly over 12 years since I've last been to Nigeria and I have no memories of it. Pretty bad huh? Well not for long as I will be travelling to the motherland in three days. Eeek!

It has been a long time coming and I am ready, or am I?! I say this because I know it will be very different and it doesn't help that some of my Aunties and Uncles are saying to me: (African accent) “Aah, will you be able to cope? Nigeria is tough you know. Me ooo, I will not go back there”
Err yeah, thanks for the heads up guys, really helpful!

Anyways, I know it won't be as bad as how they make it out to be. Besides, I know my mother and all my family will make it an awesome trip, so I have no worries.
I will be staying in Lagos State, Ajah to be precise, where my mother's side of the family reside. I will also be visiting many other places that I will be documenting as I go along.

It's the trips that I don't know what to expect are my favourite kind as I have few preconceived notions. Makes it that more exciting for me.
I can't wait to explore, capture amazing memories and make them everlasting.
Get some rays, and oh of course chow down on that good African food!

Bernie x

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