Tuesday 24 November 2015


I have not done a fashion post in a while, well since my first ever blog post and I thought why not do one on my recent purchase. In the U.K, we are officially in winter and I know how crucial it is to have a staple piece that will carry you on through the season, keep you warm and yet stylish at the same time. 

I’m talking about THE ultimate winter BFF (for me), the Carvela ankle boots.

I first spotted these boots when I was out shopping in Kurt Geiger in the summer and I instantly fell in love with them. I wasn’t so in love with the price, as it did cost £160 at the time. I know they are an investment but there is no way I could splurge that amount of money on boots. 
Besides, (making myself not sound like cheapskate) it was in the summer, so I thought I could wait until it gets a bit cooler or maybe find a cheaper alternative. 

Well, my waiting did pay off. I was searching on the internet for ankle boots and TK – Maxx popped up and lo and behold…the exact boots were on offer for £59.99! 
Can I get a high five?! 

Without hesitation, I bought them straight way.

I call them my winter BFF because I absolutely ADORE ankle boots as they are perfect for this time of year and can be so versatile with every outfit. 

Here, I wore them with a simple all black outfit and my foxy faux, fur jacket (It's so cold now).
You can wear ankle boots with leggings, skinny jeans, dresses and skirts if you want to edge it up a bit. It really is an all rounder. They can be worn from day to night and they are heeled but not so high and that’s always a plus for me.

The gold zip detail at the back of the boots gives it a chic appearance, which I love and oh!
Did I mention they were real leather?
Indeed they are, so I know these boots will be lasting me for many winters to come.

What would you say are your winter BFF's?

Bernie xx

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