Thursday 12 November 2015


I always stick to what I know when it comes to my skin care brands. I don’t really like to change as much, as I swear by this saying:

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 

Meaning, if a system or method works well, there is no reason to change it. The same goes with my skin care products. I find that when I use so many brands on my face, it can sometimes confuse the skin and I don’t necessarily get the results I want. So, I do like to stick to just one or two cosmetics.

Recently, I’ve decided to become more open to knowing about other skin care brands and my invitation to the Nu Skin bloggers and press event couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Who is Nu Skin you ask?

Nu Skin, established in the 80s in Utah, United States. Is a leader in the skin care industry with scientifically advanced ingredients and skin beneficial formulas.

Nu Skin were showcasing their range of beauty products as well as up and coming product launches in the future. It was held at the gorgeous Rosewood Hotel in London. The hotel was amazing from the architecture, to the building, right down to the toilet (haha), it was exquisite!

I arrived to the gifting suite and I was immediately greeted with drinks. There was a choice of Prosecco and Elderflower and I opted for the Elderflower. Canapés of duck, salmon and delicious macaroons to name a few, were served all evening, a delight for my taste buds.

The Nu Skin team were fab! With every single one of the them guiding me through all their products and learning more in depth information about the company. Gaining so much knowledge on the brand and speaking to skin care specialists, I was very enlightened by it all.

The ageLOC ME Launching in March 2016
I got to check out the Nu Skin make up range called Nu Colour, which points out to highlight and define your natural beauty. The collection were all on view to try out and of course I had a good time testing all the products. The word polished comes to mind when I look at the packaging. It being very minimalistic with hints of white, silver and gold accents, it shows Nu Skin sure does set the tone on how they present themselves.

Nu Skin also presented at the event their Epoch range who are a brand of skin and hair care. From each sale of the Epoch range, they will be donated to developing countries from all over the world. This is such an inspirational and encouraging message to those who want to support an amazing cause like this.

Continuing with the Epoch range are their Essential Oils. Amazing to add into your every day lifestyle by creating aromatic scents for whatever mood you may be in. There was a choice of 7 essential oils to choose from and I chose to go for the Harmony scent. Harmony had a spicy, cinnamon aroma that reminded me of a warm Christmas feeling, very fitting for this time of year. As advised, this can be placed in your home, in your car or at your desk. I have this placed on my shelf at home and the scent is still going strong. Love it!

How can I forget the complimentary photoshoot of the night? I had so much fun taking cute snaps
and to be honest, I did not want to stop! It felt like I was in a real photoshoot. The photographer was such an expert, and above all, just nice!

The goodie bags received at the Nu Skin event were the most memorable for me. Filled up with majority of the Nu Skin collection, the Epoche range and makeup. I was impressed!

I was so happy to be gifted the ageLOC Transformation range and I will be definitely, testing and reviewing those products soon.

On the whole, the event was an enjoyable evening. Nu Skin have certainly opened my eyes to not only being just a skin care brand but being environmentally aware and focused on supporting lives around the world with their products. 

As I mentioned before, I have been looking to step out and try more skin care brands and I must say, I am officially a fan of Nu Skin. So far, I have used the exfoliant scrub and my skin has been so baby smooth ever since. 

I definitely will be recommending Nu Skin to family and friends.

What are your favourite skin care products?

Thank you Nu Skin!

Photography by Gemma Reynolds


  1. Never heard of this company before but will try to check them out. Do they have a online website to purchase items? The essential oils seem like a very refreshing delight to have in the home. Fantastic Article! keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Ricky, yes they do have an online site for you to purchase. The site is linked below my post.
      The essential oils are a dreammm to have in the home!
      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Hi Bernie, these truly are amazing products... if any of your readers would like to find out more about them, they are very welcome to have a look at our site which is - we provide a very personal service with lots of 1-1 attention for our clients, to help them identify which products are the best (there are over 200) for them... thanks again for the fab review! Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn, that's great! And thank you for the info on letting my readers know where they can purchase Nu Skin. I will be sharing the website. It's such an amazing brand and has been excellent on my skin so far :)

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