Saturday 21 August 2021


Kear's (pronounced "care") founded by Ypatia Mitsatsou, talks on how she started her natural, Grecian skincare brand and the challenges she faced. Get to know her ULTIMATE product from the range and more, over some lunch!

What is your brand’s philosophy?

Ancient Greek Skincare reborn – that’s the philosophy! We go back, eons back. We chose what they used to wear on their skin back then. It’s simple…we go back to basics, simple stuff, but effective. There is this quote that says: ‘quality over quantity.’ This is an ancient Greek quote and this is what we believe in. It doesn’t need to be too much, to have the desired effect. We need good, but effective things to come up with something that is of quality, modern and does what it’s supposed to do. We want it to be honest and deliver what it promises.

What prompted you to start your own skincare brand?

I wanted to start a product the world didn’t know, which expressed what my country meant to me. I didn’t want it to be olive oil, olives, honey or anything that people are used to when you mention the word ‘Greece’. I’m truly fond of that era and what it represented, even in clothing and in opera. If you see what they are wearing, it’s simple, but they projected such elegance. I wanted that in a product and I found it in these timeless formulas, that they were using back then. So I wanted to take these formulas, recreate them, bring them back to life for the people of today - The women, the men, the kids, whoever!

In an age, where a lot of start up brands are emerging. What do you think differentiates/ sets your brand apart?

We have a story to tell, that’s not a fairy tale, it’s an actual story. These things were actually mentioned by ancient Greek philosophers as remedies of that era. So we did not make up any stories, it’s there! It’s been there all along. What we did is take it, make the necessary amendments to present it and bring it back to life. I think that’s what separates us from others.

If you were stuck on an Island and you had to bring one product What product from the Kear range will take with you on a deserted Island?

It would be Kear’s Antioxidant Face Balm with Super Fruit Hippophae. It has over 300 nutrients, it has antioxidants, It’s a nutrients powerhouse. Both as a fruit and in skincare as well. This also has red grape, it has a bit of sun protection, it’s like a sunscreen, but I can’t call it a sunscreen, because you need a legislation for it to be a sunscreen. It has an equivalent of 6-7 SPF, that’s what I’ll take with me on the Island. My sister in law who lives on the island, she wears it day and night and she’s protected. You can use it on your eye area, you can use it everywhere!

What is your favourite product from the Kear range?

I love Kear’s Mastic Herbal soap and I adore the Kear’s Age Defying Face Balm, because it has a lot of natural ingredients. It has propolis, calendula, red vine, red grape, olive oil, antioxidant properties, it’s a moisturiser that covers a lot of my skin’s needs.

What were your challenges?

In the beginning, the packaging you see now, was not how it was before, that was a mistake! We created a different packaging and we launched it. It was shinier, the box of the oils was different. That was a challenge, but we learned and changed it. Another challenge was trying to find a name, trying to find something that would include our vision and it would transmit it to the person who would want to buy our products. That was the most difficult part. Not creating it or finding the lab, these are practical things. But you have to live with the name, you have to live with the logo, you have to live with the story. It will take you far or pull you down and that was the biggest challenge for us, finding the right name that I was comfortable with.

What’s next for the Kear brand?
Our skincare line consists of 13 different products; we were thinking to add a 14th to the line. Maybe a new soap? I do have that in mind, a handmade one, purely natural. I would like to nominate some products for awards, then move on with new launches. First awards, then the launches and maybe retail here, in the UK! 

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