Wednesday 29 November 2017


Hello my loves! Hope you’re all well? I took a little break from social media and blogging, but I’m back, reenergised and thought why not share the products that I’ve been longing to let you in on! 

I can’t seem to stop reaching for them and they are serving me so well now that we are in Winter.
I've also linked all the products, so check them out!

I’ve spoken about this palette in a recent post (link here on post) and I still can’t seem to get enough of this. The colours are highly pigmented! It looks great on all skin tones and I love that the shades can take me from day to night, all in one palette, without the fuss of reaching for others. For days on the go, I simply apply the third shade of the eye shadow palette on my brow bone for a bronzed, highlighted look!

This kit has stepped up my eyebrow game to a whole another level! Nu Colour has made this eyebrow kit so easy to apply with. It comes with ready to use tools and might I add, a decent size. Many eyebrow kits I’ve come across, the brushes tend to be dainty and small. So Kudos to Nu Colour for that! This helps me create the perfect arch and I prefer to use the darker shade on the kit for a more defined look. Love it!  

Who said we shouldn’t glow now that it’s cold? Another Nu Colour product and oh what a radiance do these bronzing pearls give you! I love the idea of the pearls because they come in 5 different shades that all work well together, once you apply your powder brush over the pearls. I get such a healthy after glow! 

ZENii Moisturising Sun Protection SPF 50

You’re probably thinking Sun Protection in autumn?? Well, even in dreary weather conditions it is important to protect yourself from Ultraviolet (UV) radiation all year round. I won’t sit here whilst I type this and act like I took this seriously before, I wasn’t doing this at all! I’ve only recently got into the habit of applying sunscreen even when it’s not sunny, thanks to ZENii! I apply my sunscreen on areas exposed to the sun (face and neck) after moisturising and I’m protected. I love the smell of the Aloe Vera that lingers on my skin when I use this and the texture of the cream is super smooth. What makes this even more suitable for autumn is the extra hydration this product gives you and that’s a plus!

Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist

This is my quick, skin ‘pick-me-up’! Two sprays of this mist and my skin is refreshed, brightened and plump. I call this an instant shot! I sprayed this on my friends face last week and she saw a great difference to her skin within minutes and now she’s hooked. Did I mention it smells lovely? Yes, you are diffused in a Chamomile and pineapple fruit extract scent. I also like the size of the bottle, it’s easy to travel with. I keep this in my handbag, gym bag, at my desk – everywhere I go. It’s a must have!
(Currently on SALE)

It’s party season and with the upcoming Christmas and new year celebrations approaching, this Plum Berry lip is so fitting. This has been my go to lip look for a while and it’s such a pretty shade. The texture of this lipstick is demi-matte and I really like the moisturising feeling it has on my lips. They become much smoother, fuller and long lasting.  

What are your current beauty products for Autumn?

Hope you enjoyed!

X Bernie x 

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