Saturday 24 December 2016


Hello lovelies,
I recently came back from the motherland, that is Nigeria!
I'm still on a high at the moment and I kinda don't wanna come down, because I had such an amazing time whilst I was out there.

I visited three states. First stop being Lagos. I love Lagos for some downtime, where I visit my grandparents, nieces and nephews. I also get to explore, going to markets. My favourite being Balogun. One of the biggest markets in Lagos located on the Island. You can find almost everything there from fabrics to homeware. It is huge!!

Another state I visited was River state. I stayed in the capital Port Harcourt, known for it's crude oil refineries. I was invited to a beautiful traditional wedding out there and it was so nice. We took in the sights whilst driving through the's the cleanest, greenest place I have seen. My birthday fell on the day I was in PH, so it was nice to be in the heat for a change.
Oh and I must say, they have the yummiest grilled catfish dish out there. Just letting y'all know.

The last place I visited was Edo State. I stayed in Benin City. Again, another day of seeing family and sights. Did lots more touristy stuff in the city like going to the cinema and restaurant hopping, which is enjoyable for me.

As you can see, I have a lot of food pictures because the food is everything in Nigeria! I literally ate till my hearts content (if I could have roasted plantain right now I would *inserts crying face*).
 I had such a lovely time, and can't wait to be back!

Maybe Abuja next time?

See ya X

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