Friday 22 May 2015


Yes, I used the most vainest social media term as my title. The saying 'no filter' simply means an unedited version of a photo. It's not what you think, it is simply about my skincare routine and how you can feel good in your skin without the need of a filter.
I will let you know how I achieve this.

I am questioned most of the time about my skin care routine and what I do to achieve clear, glowing, flawless skin or as my bestie would say “shiny” skin. Now, I know on my recent post I mention I use Clarins, oh but it's not all about slapping on some of that and calling it a day. You’ve got to do more to achieve amazing looking skin and feel good in it.

I can not stress enough that beauty really starts with your SKIN! Your skin is your canvas and what you do to it shows. Right?! So if you are not taking care of your skin, it will probably not look it's best. So get to treating your skin well and give it the love and attention it deserves. 

Many thanks 

Skin (haha)

Before you start you are going to need:


1.) Facial deep cleanser (alternative, you can use your scrub)
2.) Toner of your choice
3.) Moisturiser of your choice
4.) Night cream (optional)
5.) H2O (compulsory, get to drinking)

Okay, let's get to it...

Before I put on any moisturiser or makeup, I like exfoliate my skin first. I don't do this everyday as exfoliating tends to be harsh on the skin. I would advise to do this at least 2-3 times a week for really, squeaky, clean skin. Exfoliating gets deep into the skin and helps open up the pores and gets rid off the dirty layer of skin to give you a bright, youthful look. I also feel it helps your moisturiser sink right into your skin and do it's job.

I use my Sun Laboratories Face Polisher and there are so many of these deep cleansers on the market you can get, that are affordable. Speaking of affordable, can you believe I got this and the whole set (comes with different heads) for only £5 on Ebay. I felt like a bidding Ninja when I got this bargain.

An alternative you can use is a scrub of your choice, I use the Clarins One-Step Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract. It does the same job as the Sun Lab cleanser, getting right into the skin and has a nice orange scent to it too, great for those days you want a quick pick me up on your face.

After all that scrubbing or cleansing I like to give my skin back it's balance and tone it with the Boots Traditional Glycerin and Rosewater. I can rave about this product all day long and the benefits it gives. My skin feels so supple and smooth after use and can also act as a moisturiser because of it's absorbent texture. It's a MUST, seriously, everyone should have this. Works for all skin types, I just can't get enough.

Oh, lastly night cream. Night cream for me is so important for your skin to repair itself whilst you are getting your beauty sleep. I use the Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream. I am so naughty because this is not meant to be for my age range yet. It's for the 35+ age range but I really like do like this product and nothing wrong with starting early is it?

There you have it, your skin is set. Remember, it starts from within. You may not get all these results if you not are giving your body it's benefits. Drink loads of water also and you too can feel good in your skin.

Bernie xx

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