Sunday, 27 December 2015



Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Mine was awesome. J
 We know the festive season is not winding down just yet, so of course you know what comes next? 
The New Year’s celebration! 

The excitement, the parties and being grateful for seeing another year, is a lot to be thankful for. I am sure the majority of you want celebrate in true fashion and that is finding the perfect outfit for the occasion. No matter what you are doing, I picked out some inspiration outfits to get you into the party mood. Each outfit chosen, differentiate in the type of look you want to be rocking that day.

(Starting from top left to bottom right).

ASOS Premium Bodycon Bandage Dress - The Chic Chick. The soft pink tone of this dress has been an eye opener for me recently, as I never really geared towards pink outfits in the past. However, I have been loving pinky tones lately and I can see myself wearing this.

Missguided Square Neck Split Dress - The LBD. I know it is a safe choice, but you simply can't go wrong with a little black dress! Such a timeless piece that won't have you looking back at your photos in 10 years time regretting ever wearing that one outfit. (I know we all have those). I'm going for this one on New Years Eve - simple and classy!

Missguided Sequin Mesh Bodycon Dress - You Shimmering baby, go head baby *remix*. Anyone know what song I remixed? You know, because the dress shimmers? Well you get the gist, talking about the sequin dress. When you think of celebration, you think of gold, glitz and glam, to have you looking divine all night long. Steal the night away in this sequin outfit. (Linked to rose gold, as the gold featured is out of stock).

Missguided Cut Out Bodycon Dress - The Daring. I love me a cut out dress, it just oozes confidence and attitude when rocking this number. The slash at the top shows some skin without giving too much away. The Khaki colour is trending at the moment and can be easily paired with a brown strapped heel. 

Missguided Plunging V Neck Maxi Dress - The Frock! It's not all about the mini's is it? Why not switch it up for a maxi dress instead. It looks just as gorgeous and does not hold you back from being the showstopper of night. Ugh! The split in the dress is giving me Angelina Jolie on the red carpet all over again.
ASOS Bandeau Dress - The Girly Girl. I like to think I am the girly girl who sports a cutesy ensemble to a party, much like this one. Such a carefree, girl next door ensemble that I can see being brought out again and again for any occasion.

Missguided Slinky High Neck Bodycon Burgundy Dress  The Sultry. Santa may be gone, but there is a girl wanting to sleigh in her burgundy dress hehe! Thought I move away from the usual red look and go darker in tone. This is where the burgundy comes in. So ooh la la the deep red and high neck does all the talking. Enough said!

I hope you liked my NYE inspiration picks. 

Are you NYE ready? 

Let me know what outfit you liked?

Bernie xx


  1. OH MY! What sexy dresses you have?
    That square neck split is right up my street! Love it!

    1. Thanks hun. Glad you liked it!
      Right?! I can defo see you in the black one with your hot baaawdy ;)