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Hey everyone, happy new year!
We are 20 days in and is it just me, but has the start of the month flown by so quick?

 I wanted to post in the beginning of the year but I am a bit behind. Apologies. Not to dwell, it is here now and to make sure you are not out of the loop. I am here to share my opinion on beauty trends I know will hit the big time in 2016.

Korean Beauty/Sheet Masks

You can purchase this skin-loving sheet from Asos
No it's not Halloween, it's a mask packed with ingredients your skin will thank you for.
Face masks may be a thing of the past, all thanks to the trending sheet masks. 
This beauty regime got really big late last year and even though this a regular skincare routine in Asia. The UK has soaked it up and is starting to become a part of our skincare routine too. Marie Claire, Vogue…they have all recommended this stuff! 

I have incorporated sheet masks into my beauty regime routine for about 3 years now, thanks to my best friend Zipporah who put me on. With her living in Thailand, it is easy to buy and so frikkin cheap! I get the best out this when I pop it in the fridge, to add a cool sensation to my face.

The Double Winged Liner

 Check out the talented Amy from Amy's Makeup Box on she achieved this killer look!
Kim Kardashian 
This is art! I don’t care what anyone says. 
Sported on the likes of Kim Kardashian to Bloggers. The eyeliner game has evolved from the simple one winged liner look to the double wing. Yes, not one wing, but two! I know it may be strange getting used to at first, but if you are the experimental type in makeup, I don’t see why you cannot nail this trend. Perfect for a night out! 
I am trying this look, in the hopes I don’t end up looking crazy. So fingers x.

Strobing (Highlight)

The sun-kissed, warm look all year round, without the need to be in a sunny destination is goals right now! Strobing has been out in full force in the past two years and recently learning from makeup artist Stephen Dimmick, strobing is not a new technique. 
"It has been around since the 1930s"

MAC Global Glow: Suits every skintone

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow
I must say, this has been a favourite amongst all makeup artist's and myself these past years. 
Highlighter's can be found in the form of a liquid, cream or a powder consistency. Whatever you prefer. Highlight can be applied to your cheek bone, the tip of your nose, (which I love doing). Your cupid's bow or even as an eyeshadow. Try to strobe lightly, as you don't want end up looking like a disco ball, blinding everyone with your glowww!


Try it and see for yourself.

Dewy, Shiny Skin

This could be a hit and miss for some people, depending on your skin type or what you simply prefer. Usually, looking shiny would have you reaching for the most mattifying primer out there. 
Nowadays, this runway inspired trend, has started to become embraced into our daily looks. 
Think, youthful and healthy. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of this. 
It is all about letting your natural skin show through your makeup.

Below, are what I use to achieve this.
(Left)little goes a long way when I use the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation.
(Middle) Touched with MAC Global Glow for a subtle hint of highlight.

(Right) The Real Technique Brush

MAC Prep and Prime Fix +
This sets your makeup and leaves it feeling fresh and dewy
MAC Face and Body Foundation.
My everyday makeup look, so lightweight it feels like you have nothing on.
Again, gives you an awesome healthy appearance.
Here you have me wearing the MAC Face and Body Foundation.
MAC Global Glow highlight across my cheek bone and the tip of my nose.

Fly Away Brows

What is that?

When the hairs at the start of your brows stick up, compared to the rest.

Instagram: @glossier
The days of the prim and proper eyebrow may be dying down to create a more, no-effort look.  
I've seen brows like this all over Instagram and it seems to be a trend that has not officially taken off in the beauty world just yet, but I can see it becoming a movement this year. 
Just don't say I didn't tell ya.
Watch this space...

Glycolic Peels

What they said:

A great solution to renew and improve the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. Resulting in a flawless, brighter and younger looking appearance. 

Glycolic peels are so popular right now, you do not have to consult a dermatologist, (any irritations, I do advice to stop using) as they can be bought from your local beauty department. There are so many brands to choose from that specialise in Glycolic peeling. So if you feel you need it, there are varieties from the pads to the masks. I personally have not used this before, but friends who have, praise this continuously on how happy their skin turned out.

Skin revamp this year? 

Then check it out.

Short Hair, We Don't Really Care!

A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life' - Coco Chanel

Short hair has taken over Hollywood and I have picked out the finest A-listers, who have elevated their look by going short. From bobs to lobs (long bobs), most are ditching the extensions and being one with shoulder length hair. A trend that will surely have you reaching for those trusty scissors this new year.

Cue the shorties!

Photo: Marie Claire. 
Olivia Munn was ideally my hair inspiration I wanted to re-create.
The length, the dark, tousled waves she's got going on, I love!
Not an A-list, but thought I include my Oivia Munn inspired lob.
Yay or Nay?

BeyoncĂ© debuted her short locks on the red carpet last year at the Grammy Award's and had tongue's wagging in shock. The Beyonce we all know with long, blonde hair, decided to do the snip snip to an even shorter length. Go B!
Photo: Marie Claire
 Might I add, Jennifer Lawrence has recently joined the short hair club, showing off her hairdo at the recent Golden Globes this year.

Photo: Glamour
Jennifer Lawrence
For the daring ones out there, why not add some colours and layers to your hair. 
Like these beauties below:
Photo: Marie Claire
Justine Skye - Digging the purple yaas! I want to do this.

Photo Marie Claire
Rose Byrne - That ombre!

Get to snipping!

Do you follow the trends?
If so, what will you be hopping onto in 2016?

Let me know guys, I am dying to know your thoughts :)

Bernie xx

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