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It’s that time of the year!

With Christmas creeping around the corner, it can be pretty overwhelming deciding what to buy for family, friends or your partner. Stocking fillers are a great miniature addition to gifts, where you can fill up Christmas stockings with all types of presents you want without having to crack your brains on that ONE gift. So, what should you choose?

 I, Bernadette, gives my review…

Cue Lush!

Every year, Lush always gets me into the festive spirit, when it comes to their Christmas range. Their signature, sweet, enticing scents are simply hard to ignore and of course, I was bowled over, when I got the chance to try out the Lush Santa’s Belly gift set.

Santa’s Belly, £8.95 consist of two products. The; Shower Jelly and Red; Fun.

Shower Jelly

Made from vegan red wine and fresh apple juice, the deep luxurious rouge reminded me of a lovely warm cup of mulled wine. I’ll admit, that when I read “wine”, I immediately thought I would be smelling like someone who has just been on a bender. But imagine my surprise when it was the complete opposite and smelt more of fresh apples with a hint of du vin. I was completely blown away.

Fruity, subtle, sweet smelling, yet fresh are the words that come to mind when describing this product. It is nice to watch the jelly dissolve slowly and gracefully once the water hits - makes one think of a whimsical fairy-tale.

With ingredients like Carrageenan, often found in organic and natural products, it helps thicken the jelly and create a smooth lather for you to be smothered in.

Shower Jelly leaves your skin super soft just after one use, I could not stop sniffing myself afterwards. I should also add, the colour from the jelly does not leave any pesky, staining residue, in the shower, so no need to worry about that.

One point I would raise is, I needed more lather. The foam from the jelly would dry out really quickly and I kept topping it up. (I am obsessed with foam, so I needs me foam) J

Am I the only one that thinks sometimes, showers can be a bit boring – all that standing there and scrubbing – doesn’t exactly scream fun, does it? Personally, I am a shower head, so Lush products make my pampering a lot more interesting.

Red Fun

I’ll admit to never really liking Play – Doh in school. Not since the time a boy named Peter stuck them in my ears. If you know what I am talking about, this product will definitely take you back. 

First impressions: It looked like a dollop of pink fudge! But this Fun Lush line is the most versatile product I have ever come across. This squidgy number can be used as a shampoo, soap, washing detergent, or even as your bath time play thing. The name is so fitting right?
It’s definitely a unique all rounder. It’s also child friendly so no need to worry about the product being too harsh on those delicate skin types.

Lush is a staunch advocate for recycling. So their products are packaged in a biodegradable wrapper, which can be reused until you are done with the soap. The candy pink colour of the product compliments the sweet aroma it gives you; it definitely reminds me of a confectionary store.

Moulded it into a ball - couldn't stop with the shapes.
It is so simple to use. I placed mine under running water whilst filling up the tub and instantly, a pink shade of water appears, followed by bubbles foaming. (Sighhh)

After a 20-minute soak in the bath, the soap made my skin feel, luxuriously smooth also. The natural ingredients of Orange oil and Mandarin oil have calming benefits when you need to relax and unwind after a long day.

The Santa Baby gift set would make an enjoyable stocking filler for Christmas because of how fun and playful they are. Excellent if you are on the budget as it is inexpensive, suited for anyone and sure does make a change from your usual rub-down.

Go on, give this set a try!

Can’t get enough of stocking fillers ideas? 
have a part two on more Lush(ness) coming soon in time for Christmas.

Bernie xx

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